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Biomedical & Hazardous Waste Disposal

We make certain that our hazardous waste disposal services fit your business's goals and budget, lessen its environmental impact, and preserve its worth and reputation. We use a variety of techniques for the collection and disposal of hazardous waste, such as power wash services, bulk hazardous waste services, and containerised hazardous waste services. With an unrivalled degree of cost, less liability, and guarantee of environmental and governmental compliance, we take care of every aspect of your hazardous waste disposal.

Assured Destruction: Certificates of Destruction Provided

Our assured destruction service guarantees that your waste by-products, off-spec or expired materials will not fall into the wrong hands, be re-sold or reused, or affect your company’s long-term liability and reputation. Using solidification, incineration, shredding and other customized destruction methods (all of which include witnessing and recording), we facilitate safe assured destruction of the following:

  • Production waste and finished packaged goods

  • Consumer packaged products labelled "not to be sold"

  • Research and development materials, retained samples and prototypes

  • Contraband, counterfeits or seized materials

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Off-spec food items

Industrial Waste Disposal

Our company's comprehensive waste disposal services includes the collection, transportation, transfer, recycling and disposal of industrial waste. We ensure that your industrial waste management process is safer and more sustainable, all while controlling costs and minimising long-term liability. Our state-of-the-art technology and customised equipment allows us to provide any industrial waste collection or disposal service you may require, including drum and bulk industrial waste in liquid, solid, semi-solid or sludge forms. Our industrial waste disposal facilities include incineration, material recovery facilities, encapsulation, and processing facilities, all of which are serviced by our reliable fleet of tankers, vacuum trucks and other specialty vehicles. From routine industrial waste disposal pickups to large scale environmental initiatives, we ensure that government regulations are strictly adhered to for every industrial waste disposal job we undertake. In addition, we offer on-site industrial cleaning services that includes the cleaning of industrial buildings, and process equipment. Allow us to help you control your operating costs, and reduce your long-term liability, by giving our waste disposal experts a call.

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