High populated/high traffic areas are PLAGUED with viruses, spores, bacteria and mold resulting in unsafe bio-burden levels. Cold rooms, freezers and incubators as well as buildings with poor air quality such as Labs, Hospitals and Offices, are most susceptible to the rapid growth of pathogens due to moisture content and poor air exchange. 

 SANITEC methods assures sterilization of these pathogens guaranteeing our customer a bio-secure environment. Our high level decontamination services include bio-burden level monitoring and reduction through biocide treatment.


To "break the chain of infection" and combat biological threats, SANITEC utilizes no-touch application technology:

  • Biocide application through Dry Fogging technology

  • Biocide application through Expanded Foaming technology

  • High Volume Sterilization technology which Decontaminate using Super saturated steam.

Our specialized equipment disperse a mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and suds in high volumes, beyond boiling temperatures to achieve mass Sterilization. All methods have a biocide contact time.